Saturday, May 30, 2009

AoBR Marines

Sorry to all my viewers for the lack of updates. Recently being busy packing and moving. It's kinda hard to keep track of my projects while stuff is packed in boxes and in two different places at one time. I will be a little bit more settled in in about two more weeks or so. During that time I will try to post up much as I can with what I have available atm.

Anyway, I just wanted to get away from building the IG army for a bit and get some paint on the brush. I figured I would just paint up some AoBR marines to very good table top quality. I'm thinking about selling them, but not sure how much they would actually fetch me.

Soooo....this blog is to see what my viewers think. If you were to see these mini's on either ebay or online store, how much would you pay for them? Mind you that they still have some finishing touches that need to be done along with a more finished base. Plust the unit would be 10 man strong including a missile launcher (not shown).


James said...

I am notoriously cheap. However, I would give you, hmm..$40.00? $5.00 per marine. A high shipping cost could be a deal breaker.

Thing is, the number for sale needs to be the right balance between what a person weighs their own time for. So, if they can get a set of these marines for say typical Ebay cost of 10.00-12.00 plus shipping, then you have to figure time and material, and I guess $35-40 comes close to what I would consider. But then, I don't often buy other people's painted stuff. Those are very well done marines.

patrick_rocca said...

Hey i sold a squad of 5 blood angels and they were not painted to that quailty and i got with about $40 with shipping i would say you could get $60-$70.

also could u tell me how u painted thos ultramarines blue, and the yellow egale along with the red helmets.

MiCho said...

Hey thanks for the comments. I'm just trying to see how quickly I can paint these marines out and roughly how much people are willing to pay for them...that's all :) Just my curiosity.

Rocca, are you talking about the shot with the unit of ultramarines on the project shelf? Well, the blue started off with enchanted blue, washed with a mix of badab black and regal blue. the a highlight of enchanted (i call it highlight, but you're actually painting the mini again leaving the dark areas...kinda like black-lining). 2nd highlight of enchanted:ice blue. The eagle was just bubonic brown, then series of highlights using lighter yellows mixed with some white. The red helmet was mechrite, then blood red. washed with devlan mud. then blood red with progressive highlights using oranges. Hope that helps.