Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moving = Sucks

Sorry for lack of updating everyone. Unfortantely for me, the past couple of weeks and the next few upcoming weeks will be very busy for me. I've been slowly moving stuff into the new place and I have no idea which boxes some of my models and things I need are! This sucks....I have to go through each box and pick the things I need and pull them out to model and paint. Most of my other stuff will be stored away in storage until we can move all the things out of the old place and organize the new place a bit. But have faith as I will definately make up for it :) Maybe some pics will be posted later of the move and crap (boxes) all over the place.


eriochrome said...

Last time I moved I packed pretty much(let movers pack breakables) my whole 2 bedroom apartment by myself(wife and 1 year old had already left). No gaming or modeling for like a month. I finished at 7 AM after an all nighter and the movers arrived perfectly on time at 8 AM.

RonSaikowski said...

I feel your pain... I'm moving my studio tonight to my new house. And I don;t have much room either.