Friday, May 15, 2009

Jungle Fighters

So with the release of the new IG Codex, I'm beginning to build my IG army. I haven't figured out exactly what it is that I want in the army, but I have a rough idea. This may all go in the trash after I play a test game and lose horrifically, but I never know. That's why I'm writing this to see what your opinions are on my army list so far.

The 5th edition having many armies go mech, I decided to counter that with a mech army as well. The standard IG Troop choice isn't going to be all that great. I mean the best choice of a troop slot is the veteran squad with BS 4. You get 3 special weapons with the unit and mounted in a Chimera, they can be both fast and deadly to opposing players vehicles. But with the amount of troops contesting objectives and kill points sake, I'm also planning on taking some big guns. And I mean some BIG GUNS!!!

Here is the list as it stands. May change after a game test or your opinions.

Company Command Squad w/Colonel Straken, Regiment Standard, Vox, 2 Plasma Guns, and a Chimera w/extra armor, camo netting

Veteran Squad w/power wpn, vox caster, 3 melta guns, chimera w/dozer blades, extra armor

Veteran Squad w/vox caster, 2 plasma guns, 1 melta gun, chimera w/extra armor, camo netting

Veteran Squad

Veteran Squad

Leman Russ Vanquisher w/extra armor

Leman Russ Vanquisher w/extra armor

Leman Russ Exterminator w/extra armor

Medusa w/bastion breacher shells

Medusa w/bastion breacher shells


Total Points: 1750

The idea is that I would have the 3 ordanance tanks in a corner or behind terrain with the two chimeras with camo netting on the sides to provide cover. The command unit and 2 of the veteran squads would sit back for counter attack. The other two veteran squads could try to claim objectives with the 3rd chimera providing support. Lastly, the 2 vanquishers would target enemy armor while the exterminator would target enemy transport vehicles or squads.

Sounds all great in my head, but I would have to play test the list to see if it can compete or not. My first thoughts are that I probably should lost a few tanks and get a few more veteran squads...but the thought and idea of so many templates blasting away at the enemy was too hard to resist. Your thoughts?


Oanue said...

This is a solid list. Being able to take veterans as troops has made infantry platoons nearly obsolete. I would suggest maybe trying to get Pask into one of the Vanquishers just to make it more reliable (hitting on 3's instead of 4's).

-Also I need 4 chimeras if you have any

Hudson said...

I'd drop either the extra armor or the camo netting on the two chimeras -- if you're hunkered down in cover, you're not going to be moving anyway, so why bother with extra armor?. I also think that I'd lose the bastion breacher shells to retain the ability to splat larger numbers of troops.