Tuesday, January 27, 2009

40k Large Monster

So after talking with T-James at the corp. the other night, I looked at a Soul Grinder and decided that I was going to make either a Demon Prince or Soul Grinder conversion. The idea is that the SG is on two legs....thats where the crazy converting will come in....not looking forward to it! The pics below are what's done so far.

One of the legs. Had to cut the top piece and take a chunk out of it to shorten it a bit. Otherwise the bi-pedal DP/SG would be way too big.

Just a shot of the torso and head....such a cool looking model.

Here's the conversion work so far. Got alot of work to still do, but you can kind of see the scale :D

New Pics

As promised, here are some of the updated photos I took. I cleaned off the claws coming out of the right foot and I like it much better. Makes the model look cleaner. It took forever for the force weapon, but hey it's a start. Still some more touch-ups on the weapon like power cables, etc. I decided to go with the halo over the head because it was easier and quicker than trying to sculpt and skeleton head with horns (librarian symbol). Plus i think it just looks cool :P

On the back side, I added one of the FW etched eagles to fill in the empty space. Still debating about the cape idea....not sure what do do since if I do a cape, it'll hide the eagle.

Also notice the squigly arm growing from his back >:) *evil grin!

Front view

Back view

Close-up of Sword

Monday, January 26, 2009

So I've been filing away some plasticard to make the force weapon...I'm looking to make it look like a Spartan short sword. I also decided to file away the claws growing from the right foot. I think i'm going to do something else a little bit more stealthy with maybe a claw or arm growing from the back. I started working on the cape, but am unsure whether or not I should do just the lower half from the waist down or like the Spartans with part of the tabard running up one side of the armor. If you got suggestions please leave a comment.

Camera died on me as I was taking pics. Will post some up tomorrow morning. of the progress done so far.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Update on GD pieces

So I didn't get as much done as I would have like to but just some small updates. I started working on the demon who will be pulling the soul of an unfortunate being into the warp. I will be using green-stuff to add the skull and skeleton body as if the soul is being sucked from the body. A mighty task indeed, but I hope I can achieve it. Librarian is puttied a bit to fill in the gaps and some extra goodies on him. More to come soon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I'm continuing to paint the 3rd Company Marines, but I realized that I don't have that much time left for getting my stuff together for this years Games Day. The past 2 years, I waited until the possible last moment before starting something and entering. Luckily last year I took home the bronze demon, but I want more *evil grin*.

So this model is part of a duel diorama piece. Can you guess what it is? If not, more pics will come shortly for you to guess properly.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

3rd Company UM Update

So I haven't painted as much as I would have liked, but there are some examples of marines I've painted up so far. The first image is of the first three marines painted.

From left to right: WIP marine, 90% done marine, 90% done sergent marine

Close of Marine:

Close up of Sergent Marine:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UltraMarine 3rd Company

So I decided that I wanted to paint up a small army to put up for auction on ebay. I decided to paint up Ultramarines because the blue is just fast and easy, but also because it's a generic army. There are no special rules or anything like that to follow for the army so it should be quite easy for a buyer to just buy the army and play without having to remember anything special about them. Models will be painted to table-top quality.

Currently I am going to make it a 1000 point army. The army of consist of 2-10 man tactical squads, a commander, a rhino, and some other things I gotta dig out of my closet to put together for this army.

TS Marine Painted

So I got a chance to paint up the TS marine a bit. I started to blend the blue armor and helmet. I think I need a few more highlights on it then it should be done. Started on the base a bit, but it needs more work done to it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

True Scale Marine

In the last couple of days I decided to try my hand at true scale marine. I've read posts upon posts on websites like Warseer.com and Coolminiornot.com and was inspired by the conversions done. So I tried my hand at it and came up with this:

Front View

Size Comparison to normal marine

It's kind of hard to see the actual size comparison in the last image since the TS marine is standing on cork. But you can still see that TS marine is bulked up a bit more than the normal marine.

Painting to come soon.

Getting Started

Hello Everyone! This is my first time messing around with a blog so you will have to bear with me until I get used to this. Getting on this blog to write and post things up every once in awhile will be something I have to get used to, but I will try to keep you up to date with any models I build or paint.

Currently I have a Blood Angels army built and painted, but I haven't played a game in ages. I love to just model and paint since I don't feel bound to just one color scheme for months. The freedom to build whatever and paint whatever is what I love most.

So here we go.....