Friday, May 8, 2009

GD Entries Done!

Finally, after painting non-stop, I have finished painting my entries. I will be entering the Khorne Lord and also a Nurgle Dreadnought. I will take some pictures during Gamesday and post up either on Saturday night or Sunday night. I wonder how I'll do, but either way I am very happy with the turn out of my models. As I tried new techniques that I am not used too, this will be very interesting to see compared to some of the other models there.

If you get a chance while at Gamesday, stop by the table which is being run by Jawaballs and Fritz. I'll probably be there building and painting some mini's :)

Also now that GD entries are out of my mind, I will be back to painting and building all sorts of mini's and posting them up to show progress.

Lastly, for those in the NY area, if you haven't heard already...BFS located in White Plains is hosting a tournament on the 30th of May. 40 players are signed up so swing on by to check it out.

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