Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So it's been almost a week now and I've been pretty busy with moving to a new home. Working mornings and evenings fixing the place up and afternoons working at the job. :( I'm so tired and sore, but I wanna get the IG army built up before I start test painting and painting the army.

An update from my last blog entry with the 1750 list. I'm debating if I should take out some of the tanks and substitute it with a pair of either valkyries or vendettas. This would give me more transport capability and fire power from the both the multiple rockets pods and twin-link las canons. Your thoughts...

Here are some pics of the valkyrie/vendetta in progress of being built.

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Mr Syxx said...

if your going to do a Vendetta I suggest uding magnetic dynamic mounts, thats what I am rigging up on mine, then you can hot swap for diffrent battles, it all comes down to if you want to have a dedicated anti armor unit or if you want a flying meatgrinder to shred up infantry.

Best of luck

BH Senior Editor