Tuesday, May 12, 2009

GD Entry Pics

As I promised here are some pictures I took of the GD entries from this year. All the models made it into first cut, but failed to achieve anything further. Hopefully by next year I can learn to tighten up my blending and work a little bit more on contrast to brighten the models up a little bit more for the poor quality lighting at gamesday. Hope you enjoy the pics and leave some comments for me :) Suggestions on making the models better would help too.


Tdubs036 said...

i am suprised your Khorne Lord and the plague Dreadnaught did not make it further. Hopefully you will have better luck next year

Aldonis said...

Very nice models! You got skills.

This is all meant as food for thought/my opinions on what would take them to the next level.

Orc - the base is too close in color to the armor - not enough contrast and it kinda all blends together same with right hand armor. (btw - the NMM is EXCELLENT here)

Cadian Sarge - this looks like it may be the best painted model of the group. Good highlights and shading. Face is well done. Maybe just spruce up the basing some?

Dread and Khorne Termy - both our exceptional. The thing missing is more extreme highlighting.
That's probably the biggest thing to work with - from studying a lot of GD models over the year to the point I realize I have no chance of obtaining that level - but they have real eye catching highlights for the "darker" models that win.

Again - dude you are making first cut - which is top shelf by itself - so don't take this as any kind of criticism (you are doing a LOT better than I ever will) but just some ideas.

MiCho said...

Thanks for you comments. After I spoke with some of the people in the demon lounge this year (Khorne Lord only), they all said that I should paint in one or two extra highlights to bring it out a little bit more. Todd Swanson (spell check?) said that the red armor look a bit flat and that I could use a couple layers more to bring the color out a bit more.

The orc was done I think two years ago as one of my first mini's for NMM. The judge that year said to paint cleaner and tighter blending, which I think I've done up to this year.

As for the Cadian, thx for the comment Aldonis. Believe it or not he is just a table top mini that I just threw in to see how he would do :) He even had decals on both arms so I'm glad to see that my table top army will be pretty much a first cut army lol

Simon said...

I remember really liking the Cadian officer when I saw him in the cases at GD. I don't recall the other three but they're all very well done. Congrats on making first cut with all of them.

Luis Bermer said...

Good work!

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Greetings from Spain! :)