Monday, May 11, 2009

Thoughts on GamesDay 2009

So I'm back after a pretty fun weekend. I got to see alot of great things and overall had a good time. Mostly because I was hanging out with the club members and browsing through other club tables.

Golden Demon entry was ok. I was able to make first cut with all four of my entries, but unfortunately fell short of any placing or even honorable mention. Lighting was horrible as usual and I felt that some of the models that won this year shouldn't have. There was ALOT of competition this year IMO than last year or the year before.

One of the greatest moments for me was being able to sit down with the great painters in the demon lounge and just sitting and chatting with them. I tried to pick their brains as much as possible about their styles and techniques. After a disappointing no win entry this year, I brought my Khorne Lord over and asked them about their opinions on what I can do to make it pop and stand out. To my surprise some of them were dumb founded that I didn't make even honorable mention, but all agreed that I needed just that one or two extra hightlights. Though I didn't win, in the long run I did because I felt that my piece was appreciated by even some of the greatest slayer sword and demon winners. There will always be next year.

I was also stoked that a fellow club memeber, i.e.- JAWABALLS made first cut with his BA honor guard. This was also the first time he has entered and I just wanted to give a shout out to say GOOD JOB JAWA!

BTW, in case you're wondering...I will have pictures up soon of my pieces as well as fellow club members pieces.


Batjutsu said...

Shame, it is an awesome model :-)

Frenzy said...

sick minis bro!