Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project Updates

Well I've been pretty busy this past week with commission work on the DKoK unit as well as the White Scar Commander. I still have finishing touches on the WS Commander and the DKoK unit. I also started working on the Leman Russ for the DKoK army. All this tagged along with trying to get my own business up and running. What a hectic week which is full of stress and headaches. But I still have to get the work done, so check out the pic below to see the current stage of the WS and DKoK unit.

The TH, SS, PW, and banner are all magnetized so you can swap out weapons or have no SS on the model. The head (pictured on lower left) is being worked on and will set into place once finished.


Vent said...

Love the white. Very vibrant. Plus the NMM shield parts really draw in the eyes.

Do you have a tutorial on how you do the magnets? I've heard others mention it before but am still quite reluctant to risk miniatures without a reference.

MiCho said...

Thanks Vent. White is one of the hardest colors to paint. I have so much trouble with it, but sometimes (only sometimes) I manage to pull it off and make it look good.

I will try to work on a tutorial of some sort and post it. Keep an eye out for it.