Thursday, April 29, 2010

BA List - Psychic Assault

So I've been looking through the codex and playing around with the different configurations that I could put together. Just the thought of having two Furioso Dreadnoughts with wings (using psychic test of course) sounded too cool. I would want to play atleast two of them :). So I decided to field an army that was based around not only those two dreads, but also mephiston. Although he doesn't have an invul. save, he can be pretty bad ass if you can play him behind cover, armored transports, etc. So with those two things in mind, I've come up with this list so far.

2 Furioso Dreadnoughts w/extra armor
2 Sanguinary Priests (1 with a jump pack)
2 Assault Squads w/infernus pistol, power fist
3 Assault Squads (no packs) w/infernus pistol, power fist
2 Razorbacks w/TL Assault Cannon
1 Razorback w/ TL Las Cannon
2 Baal Pred w/extra armor, Heavy Bolter sponsons

This leaves me around 1840 points. I know that the assault squads end up only being 5 man units, but my basic plan of attack here is to run the two assault squads with packs along with a sang. priest and mephiston (who would fleet to try to keep up, but still using as much cover as possible). The 3 assault squads in the razorbacks along with the 2nd sang. priest. Then a 3rd flank with the Baal preds and 2 furioso dreads. I would have enough armor to hide Mephiston behind for atleast 2 tuns before he engages in CC. Plus with the firepower of 4 assault cannons, 1 las cannon, possible two lances (from dreads), that would help tie up any infantry and armor before my assault squads can get in close. Or stay back to hold objectives, depending on what is needed.

Of course this all looks great on paper until a play test. As I am not one to play often or much, I will have to dust off my stuff from the closet and play test it to see what it is like.

Comments or opinions on the list and strategy?

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