Friday, April 9, 2010

DKoK Commission

I've been pretty busy this week so far. Lots of things to paint, but so little time. I'm still working on a White Scars commander for a friend of mine. It was the GD special marine with TH model. I had to hack off the TH and magnetize it to the shaft which was a pain because the magnets I had were either too small and weak or just strong enough, but too big. Well, I've got it somewhat figured out now and I've converted and greenstuffed alot to fix it to look good. The model is about 85-90 percent complete.

But I've also been working on some DKoK models for a client that has commissioned me. He sent me some stuff earlier this week to paint up for him and I will be doing ALOT of models as it it IG we are talking about here. But I don't care that there may be dozens upon dozens of models to paint, because the models are from FW and those paint so easily. Almost by themselves. Below is a unit of 5 models I am currently working on. There are 12 models in total, so the next batch will be the other 7 models. Coats are about 95% done minus the interior brown. Some base coating done on boots, helmet, gloves, and weapon. Will get to highlighting those tonight.

Critiques and comments are always welcome. Enjoy

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