Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blood Angels: All Death Company Army

So I have always been intrigued with an all death company army. For years with my past blood angels army I have toyed with the idea of making and entire army, but never did so as I would have to roll off for each squad to see if members of the squad fell to the black rage. But now with the new codex, I can field or build an entire army. Only problem is that I will not be able to hold or contest any objective markers. But what the heck, I'm a fluff type player and I really don't care for objectives.

If I were playing an entire death company army, my main and only objective is to kill my opponents and wipe them off the table. As cool as it may sound to field an enitre death company army, I wonder if it is worth while doing. The units end up becoming way overpriced and the army doesn't end up looking like an army. More like a gathering for a warband than an army.

Just a simple list:

Astorath the Grim
Chaplain w/power fist, jump pack
1 unit of 10 DCM w/jump packs, 2 infernus pistol, 1 power fist, 1 power wpn
2 units of 10 DCM w/2 infernus pistol, 2 power fist, 1 power wpn
2 Rhinos w/extra armor
2 DCDread w/ blood talons
2 Droppods

This ends up being around 1850pts. Not alot of stuff at all for an army. Only 2 vehicles for moving cover, 2 vehicles dropping in, and 20 on foot, 12 with jump packs. They can pack a punch for their size, but are very vulnerable until they get into combat. I'm sure there are much better ways of configuring the list to be more effective, but truthfully any way you configure an all DC army, you will struggle to find the right pieces to make the army complete. There just simply isn't enough points left into making this army a contender. But who knows, maybe this army will be under estimated due to the sheer small scale of the army.

Even though the army might not be competitive, it still won't stop me from wanting to build an all DC army. It's just too cool to field and cause mass destruction in hand to hand combat. Maybe once I get my order in, I'll build a half size army to start and play test it to see how it plays out on the battlefield.

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Schnitzel said...

I'm testing out a DC heavy list for 'Ard Boyz tonight. Only two squads of DC and two DC dreads though. Let you know how they fare.