Thursday, April 15, 2010

DKoK Squad Update

Well, I''ve been plugging away at this commission for the last couple of days and communicating with the client on NNM or metallics and he wanted NNM. So I started working on it a little bit on the models finished up the 5 man block I was working on. I have 1 more highlight on the pants and gloves, and I have to finish up the aquila eagle on the helmet as well certain parts of the back pack. Then the models are done. I still have another set of 7 DKoK infantry I am working on. Cloaks are almost done. I will post pics when the entire unit is finished.

The second image is for the DKoK tank that the client want painted. I just started working on the turrent and really did about 1 major highlight and 1 shadow. Still more to do though.

The client also asked for a custom 6" x 8" movement/display tray. I am going to make it to allow all 12 infantry troops to fit on. I will be picking up the materials needed and keep you posted on that as well.

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