Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nurgle Plaguebearers

So it's been quite awhile since my last update, but some good news.....I got pics for you :)

Going ahead with my last post on doing the nurgle/tzeentch daemon army, I broke out some boxes of nurgle plaguebearers and got to work. The first pic has 14 plaguebearers in it. You'll notice a slight difference in color from the back row to the front row. That's because I used the 'dipping method' on the back row, matte varnished, and devlan mud washed it. The first row was just base coated, watered down (really watered down) paint for pink areas, then straight devlan mud wash. Please comment which you like better if you can see clearly enough on the small pic. If requested, I'll throw up some bigger pics for comparison.

The next few shots are more plaguebearers getting ready for primer and paint, unit of BA marines (including the dread from first pic) I'm painting up to throw up on ebay. PM/email me if you want to make an offer. I'll sell it to you instead of putting it on ebay, then we both won't have to worry about ebay's ridiculous surcharges. Pics of comission work (BT dread), and my current work shelf with stuff in WIP. Alot has been just sitting there and this shelf gets cleared and full again about every 3-4 weeks LOL. Enjoy the pics and leave comments...I'll throw up some zoomed in shots on request.

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