Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daemon List

So after playing around with the list and re-reading through the book/codex, I totally forgot that with the poisoned wpns, I can re-roll failed to wounds on marines...wouldn't have made a big difference I guess since my plaguebearers didn't do a whole lot of CC last game. But now I started to rethink my strategy a bit with coming up with a decent list.

The Epidemius rule is kind of begging me to try out that list so I decided to do a Nurgle/Tzeentch list instead of a full four gods list. Here it is:

Papa Nurgle- 165
Epidemius- 110
Herald of Nurgle w/Unholy might, cloud of flies, palanquin- 80
3 flamers of tzeentch- 105
3 flamers of tzeentch- 105
14 plaguebearers- 210
14 plaguebearers- 210
14 plaguebearers- 210
10 horrors- 185
2 daemon princes w/flight, iron hide, mark of nurgle, unholy might, cloud of flies- 450
1 daemon prince w/iron hide, mark of nurgle, unholy might, cloud of flies- 165
total of 1995 points

I would be mainly using the plaguebearers for holding objectives, DP's and papa nurgle and herald would be attacking anything they can, flamer units and horrors just to harass and annoy the opponent. I think this list brings out alot of toughness and will annoy any player with the invul. saves, followed by feel no pain on troops, marine saves and then invul saves on DP's, 4 MC, plus the special rule of Epidemius. I will have to play test this army to see how it fares. Vehicles should not be as much problem like last game (i hope). I just hope that the slow and purposeful rule on some of my units won't hurt me that badly. We shall see.

To finish off the 4 gods list, I would probably be playing a 4k game with the other 2k being khorne and slaanesh. Cheers.


Oanue said...

I've been thinking about doing an Epidemius list, the stuff the army can do if you can get the tally up is amazing. I think to make this army work Ku'gath is a must. Yes, he is 300pts, but he has 6 wounds and is toughness 6 with feel no pain and has a 50% chance of producing a nurgling base each turn. Necrotic Missles is pretty nasty as well ( AP 2, no feel no pain for those Nob Bikers). He also has breath of chaos which denies cover & armor saves.

jabberjabber said...

If you find that the horrors don't work out, then try some nurglings instead - they become awesome with Epidemius and a high tally!

MiCho said...

I thought about Ku'gath instead of papa nurgle, but I'll be saving some points to get extra units out there instead of having the opponent firing everything and possibly taking him out. I'm thinking of nurglings too, but I'll see how the horrors fare for me. I need their shooting since otherwise I have none.