Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Duel Update

So I feel like I got alot done today for some reason. Even though only a few things got done. I guess it's just the mind set and the thought complications of how to bring thought to reality that has made it feel like such a big accomplishment today. Anyway, I began work on the scenic base for the duel entry. Nothing too fancy since I don't wanna draw attention away from the maine scene. I also started working on the chaos sorcerer model (pic 2), but once he's almost fully built, I'm gonna have to saw chipping away and taking pieces off of him. The last thing I did so far was trying to make the warp with demons and what-not. Much harder than I originally thought, but you'll see what it looks like in the pics below. I tried to do something similar to the picture, but with my own twist. Enjoy and leave feedback/comments!

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