Monday, February 16, 2009

Daemon Battle Report

Today was the first day the daemons on the warp were unleashed at the local gaming club. The list I ran with was: Skull Taker, The Masque, 15 Bloodletter unit, 16 Bloodletter unit, 12 Daemonettes unit, 12 Daemonettes unit, 14 Plaguebearer unit, 1 Soulgrinder with Phlegm, 1 Daemon Prince, 5 Fiends of Slaanesh.

Starting off, the "gods" of chaos were not favoring my army as my secondary group, the group that was meant for the second attack wave for cleaning up the mess, was warped onto the field. I had the 15 Bloodletter unit w/Skulltaker, 16 Bloodletter unit, 12 Daemonette unit, 5 Fiends of Slaanesh coming into the battlefield. All scattered backwards toward me....ALL units scattering 7 inches every time!!! Curse the "gods".

No shooting was done on my turn and turn two began with Bobby's Ultramarines shooting like crazy. When the smoke cleared, I had roughly half of the 16 Bloodletter unit dead. Assault followed where a Dreadnought charged into my Daemonettes. I would lose 3 or so in that combat.

On turn 2, the fury of the "gods" was revealed as all my other units in reserve came spitting out of the warp to revenge their fallen comrades. But the "gods" would curse me again when my DP, one or two models that I had that could do serious damage to any vehicle, was trapped in the warp never to be seen again. And to make matters worse, the 2nd Daemonette unit w/The Masque lost their way in the warp and ended up in the corner of the battlefield with nothing around except for the objective straight ahead which would take until the end of the game to reach. No cover to go through either!

Battling round by round, the daemonettes that was tied up by the Dreadnought finally were freed after the Soul Grinder came to assist in blowing up the Dread in round 4. The most interesting part of the battle came at during the last two turns when my 2nd Daemonette unit fleeted and charged a unit of 5 marines holding their objective. After killing off the marines bottom of turn 6, I would consolidate them next to the objective and contest for a draw.

Yet again, the "gods" curse me by allowing a 7th turn. A second unit of marines would assault my daemonettes and wither them down to only The Masque and 2 daemonettes. On my side of the table, the marines would charge 13 of my plaguebearers holding the objective...making them consolidate into combat...and out of range of the objective!!!!! This last motion of heroism by the Ultramarines would see them victorious and the demons to be shamed in their first battle.

All in all, Bobby somewhat under-estimated my Bloodletters which ripped through his command unit and Sicarius by turn 2. Gotta love those hellblades. My weakest point was the fact that I could do nothing against his vechicles. I may drop the 2nd unit of daemonettes, seekers, plaguebearers and throw in another DP with some flying melta bomb units. Having the bloodletters soak up all the shots was pretty bad, but I'm going to stick with them only for their furious charge with power 3 attacks a piece at str. 5 is on the charge is no joke.....even without the charge....ask Sicarius....nvm, he's dead :)

I would also like to try out either a Bloodthirster or just keep what i've got and add some flamers and pink horrors as well. I'd have to play test many times to configure the army I've got to work, but hey that's how you make unbeatable armies right?! Either way, win or lose, the "gods" of chaos are happy and I am back in the warp....brewing up ideas for another attack with some modifications.

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