Monday, June 29, 2009

AoBR Marines Finished

So I've been all over the place lately between writing army lists for my daemon army to AoBR marines. I kind of like to skip around alot if you haven't noticed yet. But it isn't always a bad thing since I won't get stuck with just some models and I get to play around with different colors alot. This allows me to experiment with color combinations and the like which I wouldn't otherwise. Doing this helps me become an overall better painter using basic color theory and also quicker with painting the standard model(s) for table top gaming.

This leads me to show you my finished AoBR marines. I know I posted a unit WIP a few posts back, but again, while skipping around with so many projects, they unit got done now. If I would have focused on just this unit I would have taken a few hours or so to finish the unit from scratch.

The unit is base coated and has 2 highlights and mud on boots/leg done along with free hand chapter symbol. Enjoy! Comments appreciated.

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Ash said...

Sweet, love the pics.