Monday, June 15, 2009

Updated Daemon List

So since I really can't build or paint much with the move, I've been coming up with a list for my daemon army. Originally I was going to do an all out nurgle army, but with a low WS and only wounding on 4+ (with the opponent getting an armor save), it was kind of tough to win....even to compete. So I decided that I was going to have a one two punch by using nurgle and khorne.

The reason behind this is that by playing nurgle, I will have pretty tough units to defend objectives and just be a pain in the butt for my opponent to try to waste their time getting rid of them. If they decide to just ignore nurgle units, then they will have a harder time as the game continues to wipe them out from contesting or holding objectives and even for kill points. As for khorne, what can I say, the power of the hellblades just keeps on calling my name. The fact that even a small desperate unit of 5 or 6 bloodletters having the capability of wiping out an entire 10 space marine squad just is not fair at all. So having about 15 of them or so should be pretty fun.

All in all, I am not making this army to be competitive as I do not go to local tourney's (work gets in the way...yes I work 6 days a week), but for the fun of it. Plus I would like to make this a showcase type army for when our gaming club sets up next year in Games Day Baltimore. I will be using VC Ghouls as my plaguebearers and I will try to convert some of them along with bloodletter pieces to make the entire army seem more as a whole instead of individual squads just put together.

Here is the list:

7 Nurglings (instant death does not apply so 3 wounds each base should make it fun and annoying for the opponent)
30 plague bearers split into 2 groups
25 blood letters split into 2 groups
5 blood crushers
1 DP with mark of nurgle
1 DP with mark of khorne

All adds up to right around 1750pts.

Give me your opinion on the army list and what I can do to make it better. Although I will not be competing as mentioned before, I still don't want an army that can't win either :D


Ash said...

This is great, I just bought a Daemon Codex last night and am planning to build a Daemon list. I have 20 Bloodletters already painted, (I use them as Lesser Daemons in my CSM list) along with a DP (also form my CSM.)

I thought that Daemons would be an inexpensive way to jump start another army.

I love the Khorne army, right now I plan to run full khorne. But I also love the Feel no Pain Nurgle guys. I think that the HQ that allows Nurgle bonuses based on kills is crazy. In an all nurgle army that means that turn 4-5-6 you have a 3+ FNP save, that is sweet!

I also think that using the Disks as jet bike might be a lot of fun to convert, not sure how well they would play though.

I am looking forward to your further posts on this army.


MiCho said...

I also wanted a 3+ FnP but turn 3-6 also, but one thing that hurts the army from killing that many models quickly to get that special rule is that the plaguebearers only have plageswords which only wound allowing armor saves. So against another marine army, unless your opponent rolls terribily, you're not likely to get the uber FnP save. The thought of it does make me salvate though :)

I'v played a half khorne and slannesh army as well. One reason I lost was I under-estimated the rending from the daemonettes. But what kept me in the game until the end was my bloodletters. My opponent feared them since they ripped through any unit in close combat. Even against terminators, the hellblades slice right through their armor only allowing inv. saves. I would much rather have my opponent take inv. saves versus armor saves from plaguesword. My plaguebearers are just to hold objectives now.

Hope this helps with your build of the daemon army.

Ash said...

What if you mark of nurg your DP's and Deep Strike them right in the middle Turn 1 and build up the kill count?


MiCho said...

I thought of that too, but one- they are going to get shot up like crazy if you just DS in the middle of everything. Even with iron hide, they will only have a 3+/5+ armor/invul. save. And there is only so much that they can kill before that hidden power fist or whatever will bring them down. Then what? You'll have a bunch of plaguebearers what can wound on 3+ instead of 4+ but which still allows armor saves. I know the power wpn plaguesword stats looks enticing, but it will not be as easy to get too. I've tried and played a DP bomb game with 3 DP with mark of nurgle, Epidemius, and a nurgle hearld all hitting enemy lines with the plaguebearers slowly marching in or holding objectives. Didn't fair so well. Maybe only just that game, but in my mind, it wasn't even close to be worth it.

Black Matt said...

I played against Daemons for the first time and I had to deal with the Fateweaver special character. That won the guy the whole game. I dont know if you can make it fit, but WOW
Black Matt