Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update on GD pieces

Nurgle Dreadnought so far.....pictures don't really show the blending I've done. Looks better in person IMO. I'll probably do another stage or two of highlighting and shading on the dreadnought armor on the base. As for the Nurgle Dread itself, I've got 2-4 more stages of highlighting and shading to do.

I'm going to dirty it up a bit more and make the contrast between the light areas and dark areas a little bit more extreme due to the horrible lighting conditions at GD. I think the sharper and more intense contrast will show better in the hall with the lighting. As for the arms, still a WIP, but getting there. ONLY 1 MONTH LEFT.......grrrr....need to finish this piece up soon so I can work on the other models I want to enter.

Comments appreciated. Suggestions more then welcome.


Tristan said...

Trashed smurf dread arms are nice. I particularly like the way the lascannons are bent.

Andy said...

The Dread is coming along really nicely. I think your right with the dirtying it up a bit more, and i look forward to seeing it completed.

Gamers World said...

n I suggest a big thraka green wash on the metals! This looks cool IMHO.

MiCho said...

thanks for the comments and suggestions. I'll be adding more rust effect of the metals, but my focal points at the moment are blending the ultra marine dread with battle damage, and blending shadows and highlights on the nurgle dread. Once this is done and i'm satisfied, i'll work on the metal areas along with rust. please post more suggestions, i'll need them. :)