Monday, March 30, 2009

Nurgle Daemons vs Fritz Harlequins

So to start out, we began with a list of 1,750 points a piece. My list consisted of:

Ku' Gath
3 units of 14 Plaguebearers
2 units of 3 Flamers
2 Daemon Princes with wings

I won the initiative and gave Fritz first turn. He deployed his entire of into the corner as the mission was Annihilation. I believe he had Eldrad, 2 units of snipers, 3-10 man units of Harlequins, and 3 wraith lords. He packed everything into a corner....hmmmm....gonna be tough to kill his units as I was hoping he would spread them out a bit for me to pick them off one unit or two at a time.

Turn 1:
Fritz deployed everything as mentioned...packed into his corner...hiding like cowards...or was it just another eldar trickery?

When my turn came along, I rolled my die to see if the Nurgle gods favored me and my champions, but alas it was not meant to be. My second group would DS in....not what I had planned for. But it somewhat worked out for me since I had both my flamer units in the second group and Fritz had his army packed in. Along with my 2 flamer units, I had 1 DP and 1 unit of PB deepstrike in. All but the DP materialized where I needed them and the DP popped up in the open and not behind a building like I had intended. The flamer units scorched the earth and the tricksters. The first flamer unit was decieved by the Harlequins trickery and must have flamed the wrong area as only 1 Harlequin perished. The second flamer unit paid no attention to the false images of dancing aliens and flamed them to death. All but 1 sniper survived and ran off the table.

Turn 2:
Fritz would begin this turn by moving up 2 Harlequin units and shooting at the flamer units that popped out of the warp. He managed to kill 2 flamers from each unit. His wraithlords and second sniper unit would take aim at my lone DP hanging out in the open and causing 2 wounds on the mighty prince. Come assault phase, the harlequins easily dispatched the remaining flamers back to the warp.

I knew my flamers would bite the dust this turn. So I needed some good reserve rolls......blank, blank, blank, and only 1 unit would come on....DOH! So Epidemius and his unit of plaguebearers would materialize in the open on Fritz's left flank. No shooting and no assault for me. :(

Turn 3:
Fritz had moved his units closer to the plaguebearer unit on his right flank. Hoping that my high toughness would see me through it, I didn't mind the imment attack much......what i fool i was. Fritz began firing his wraithlords and snipers and finally took down my DP which was a big threat to him. He assaulted two units of harlequins into the plaguebear squad and totally cut them downfall was that he cast doom on them allowing for any failed wounds to be re-rolled. Though I though my high toughness would help, it didn't help as the harlequins rolled 6's (he needed only 5's and 6's to wound) to rend and I would only get my invulnerable save. And Fritz must have used some eldar trickery with image altering powers or something because he rolled a crazy amount of 6's.

Finally on my turn the rest of the army would appear....I'm thinking a tad too late by now. I decided to be bold and take a chance. After destroying the right flank of plaguebearers, the harlequins were kind of packed together. So I unleashed Ku' Gath on the left flank and threw a nurgling bomb at him.....what a low point of the game for me. He hit 3 harlequins and rolled triple 1's to wound them.....grrrrr.....then for fun i saw what i would get if i rolled again....triple 6's!!!!! why do the gods of nurgle hate me so......anyways, with that epic failure to do any damage there i knew the game would end soon.

Turn 4:
Fritz's unloaded shots in Ku' Gath and he took 4 wounds. He also inflicted 1 wound on the second DP. In the assault, Fritz took out the Greater Daemon and his right flank. He charged my second plaguebearer unit with two harlequin squads....same story as before....with doom on my unit, i lost all but 1 plaguebearer. He swung back only to miss and vanish back into the warp with his tail between his legs.

On my turn, I had to atleast redeem myself and take out 1 more unit. I flew my DP behind the harlequins on his left flank and marched my last plaguebearer unit forwar. No shooting. Charged both PB and DP unit into the Harlequins and won combat. Fritz failed the morale test but unfortunately for the Harlequins, the DP caught them while they turned to run and cut them down.

This is where we finished the game as I called it as there was no way I would be able to continue and put pressure on his units. All in all, it was a great and fun game. My thoughts are that what hurt my the most was 1) Doom on my units 2) Evenly dispributing my groups 3) and lastly, placement of my units when they come in the game. But at the same time I feel that if I were playing against marines or IG, there would be no rending and only 1 model with a powerfist or powersword that I would have to deal with....not a full unit with rending and re-rolls to wound on top of that. I will continue to tweak my list and play a few more games before really trying to make a fully competitive list. Maybe I'll go the local tournament being held end of April to see how the nurgle list does.

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jabberjabber said...

Thanks for posting the battle report and your thoughts on how it went! Very interesting to see how Nurgle Daemons perform! Keep up the good work.