Friday, April 3, 2009

Another GD Update

So I'm still working on the nurgle dreadnought, but I also needed to start on my single entry. I will be painted up the forgeworld khorne terminator lord. I thought the model was just jaw dropping....literally, like the khorne lord himself. I decided instead of my usual blending technique that I always use, I was going to try out using 'juices'...or in other words, glazes of paint over and over and over again to achieve seamless (almost) blending.

I start with a mid-tone color instead of the usual base coat then highlighting with lighter paints. One the mid-tone has been based on the model, I use a mix of 1:1 base and a highlight color and water it down ALOT. I apply the glazes over and over until I like the color. Then I start on the shadow with is 1:1 basecoat and scorched brown. I don't use black because it tends to be too cartoony looking and not realistic. I think the brown tends to give it a warmer shadow. If I really really need, I'll use a very little bit of black and mix it with the shadow mix to darken a tad.

WIP so far on the glaze in the pic below. I took this pic before I threw on a few more glazes or shadow. I still need to do an extreme highlight and extreme shadow....2:1 ratio or 1:1 with a bit of black or white.

Comments and suggestions appreciated. Especially this is my first go at glazes, those that know better, please critique...the more critiques, the better overall piece I will have for GD. :D BTW, sorry for the bad pic.

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