Monday, March 23, 2009

GD Entries

Ok, so I'm still working on the Nurgle pics up yet since I want to finish up a little bit more and make it look nicer :).

I'm also throwing in a unit of Ork Stormboyz for the unit entry (see pic below). I think I'm going to do a unit of either 5 or 6. Another few pieces I recieved in the mail is the FW Inquisitor Rex and FW Khorne Lord. Which should I do for single and which should I toss into Open? Your thoughts and comments as to why will help me out IMMENSELY. I'm also debating about doing a Tyranid model for the large model category, but not sure yet....I'll wait until I'm confident enough that my other models are mostly done first.

1 comment:

Barjack said...

looks like they will be very fun to paint. Need to get my paws on some.