Friday, May 6, 2011

MiCho Clean Out and Sell Off

Just like all of you who have been in this hobby for long enough, given enough time and you end up having more than a roomful of products that just sit around and collect dust. Trying to get started on a project that just never gets finished because either there is too much for us to do already, but also the new shiny models that come out almost every other month tend to grab our attention and pull us away from our first objective. There are just so many things that I wish I could have done with the models at hand, but simply put not enough time to do it all.

So I decided to clean out my closet (along with other nooks around the house) for two reasons. First, there is just simply no way I will be able to get through all these models. Most of the products I have are still shrink wrapped lol. My loss will end up being your gain. But more importantly the second reason.....I need the money because my wife and I will be starting a family as we are having a new baby. The money I receive after selling the stuff will basically go towards buying a new home along with other things needed to raise a baby. Anything that you guys pick up will go a long way for me and my family.

I'll be basically selling all the stuff here on my Blog until the end of the month before I post them up on eBay. Once posted on eBay, I will provide my user account for any of you that wish to follow along the auction to bid.

If you see anything on my blog that you wish to purchase, just send me an email @ with what you want. I will reply back with my paypal information so that you can make the payment. Once I receive payment, I will ship out the models via USPS Priority Mail. I will be selling on a 'first come first serve' basis unless I have multiples that are left over.

So here goes my first wave of products (roughly 30% off retail):

Tau Stealth Suits - $15.00 ea (6 boxes; 1 sprue set)

Tau Sniper Drones - $23.00 ea (3 boxes)

Tau Crisis Suits - $15.00 ea (4 boxes; 1 sprue set)
Tau Crisis Suit Commander - $20.00 ea (3 boxes)

Tau Hammerhead - $30.00 (1 box)

Tau Commander ShadowSun - $18.00 (1 box)

Tau Gun Drones - $15.00 (10 Drones on sprues)

Sisters of Battle Repentia Squad - $35.00 ea (2 boxes)

Sisters of Battle Seraphrim Squad - $35.00 ea (4 boxes)

Sister of Battle Squad - $35.00 ea (4 boxes)

Vostroyans Platoon - $80.00 (1 box)


k1wi boy said...

Do you still have the vostroyan platoon for sale

slaine95 said...

The sell of the sisters of battle is still actual because I'm interressted.

Ang3 li0n said...

Do you still have the Sisters or Vostroyans available?

Driewolf said...

Do you still have the Vostroyans?