Friday, May 13, 2011

Messy Work Station

I swear that everytime I feel like the my work station is messy, I clean it up and within a few days it's messy again. I have stuff all over the place on my desk and it's mind blowing that sometimes I know exactly where a certain piece that I need is hidden somewhere underneath a pile of stuff. I've been meaning to post up my second wave of stuff that I want to get rid of, but need a bit of cleaning up and organizing before I post anything else. Though you will see some pics of things going soon.

Just some things I'm working on for the 'Heroes of Armageddon' project

Painting tray somewhere underneath all that plastic

Airbrush compressor and some Grey Knight boxes

Boxed models soon ready to be posted for sale (when I get around to it)

Things to sell, some already posted

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