Saturday, April 16, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon: Blood Angels Part I

As I posted in an earlier post, there are a number of painters getting together to put together four 3,000 point armies for the 'Heroes of Armageddon' project. Each of the four armies was designated a team leader to pick and choose their party members.

I was one of the lucky few chosen by team JAWA, aka Blood Angels. So over the next few weeks, or until the project is finished, I will be posting up any progress of the units that I am assigned. I will be building and painting up an assault squad, furioso dreadnought, and a storm raven. So keep an eye out on my blog for these updates.

For more information about what the 'Heroes of Armageddon' is, please click the link to see what it is all about. And if you feel like you want to support the cause, check out the top right of my blog or any of the other bloggers that are a part of this cause to contribute. For every dollar you spend will give you a chance to win one of the four armies that are under construction.

Just got my order in today from SpikeyBits

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