Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blood Angels Storm Raven I

So I started to put the model together and just decided that I wanted to paint the interior of the Storm Raven before I assembled it. Although the interior of the model will not be seen as much and does not need alot of detail work, I decided to do a little bit of blending and highlighting just to spice it up a bit.

I first base coated the model with Mechrite Red and painted the seats with Calthan Brown and any of the radar screens with the desired color of choice. (This side is yet to be finished, but I painted the radar green. The other side is painted with blue screens.)

Once I put the base coats on, I then went ahead and painted Blood Red to all the edges that I wanted highlighted along with Enchanted Blue for the screens. I then blended in some Necron Abyss to the lower right of the screens.

Then I hightlighted the red armor with Blazing Orange blending followed up by a very tiny bit of line highlighting using Golden Yellow.

I haven't finished the model yet with the next steps, but the next step is to wash with Baal Red Wash followed up with some addition highlighting and blending.

More to come soon!

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