Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Slow progress of GD entry

Well, here's a small update on the status of my GD entries as of now. I am currently busting my butt to finish off the armor on the khorne terminator lord. That way I can start working on the NMM and face. IMO he is about 20%-25% done. As for the nurgle dreadnought, I put a couple of coats of rust on him and going to finish off some of the skeleton sections. Dreadnought is about 85%-90% done. As for squad, the ork stormboyz are all primed and one model has base coat skin...alot of work still needed. I just hope I can finish in time this year with my entries.

I decided to drop the librarian vs sorcerer idea because there is just too much to be done and too little time to finish it. Some more thought and work needs to go into this piece to make my vision a reality and I don't want to make it look like crap trying to rush it.

Well, anyway, the pics below are of the khorne termi lord. pics do not do it justice IMO. some of the club members agreed that the blog is not showing the blending as it is in real life. but enjoy regardless. As usual comments and suggestions appreciated.


Bloodthirster said...

This is looking good Micho can't wait to see it finished but if u don't mind me asking what colours are you using to get that effect(i know you've glazed it)

MiCho said...

well the process starts with mechrite red foundation paint. I do a mix of mechrite:blood red, then blood red. afterwards, i work with blood red:scorched brown. Last highlight and shadows is scorched brown:chaos black, and blood red:fiery orange. hope this helps. I'll make a vid soon and post it up.

Bloodthirster said...

ok thanx for the tip know i'm of to find something to paint

Bloodthirster said...

Oh Micho I forgot to ask how are you putting the vid up, by Youtube or something like that. If so please could you tell me your Youtube name :)