Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Been ages since last post!

It's been ages since my last post!  Truly I'm not a great blogger. It's tough to find the motivation to post up on my blog when there isn't enough material I can get done due to lack of time and motivation to paint things. I even took a break from painting and set aside all my tools and brushes for what feels like ages.

But this past weekend I went to Games Day 2013 and I hung out with John Steining from 40K Hobby blog. Talking with John over the weekend and discussing the many opportunities of painting really cool models got me really excited. We even started discussing about a small bet on entering some minis for next year's golden demon competition.

Having said that I decided that I'm going to try really hard to show my progress throughout the next upcoming year with different painting styles that I will experiment with. My biggest fear is losing that motivation to continue to paint and post on my blog to share with you all. But I will try my hardest to post at least one post every other week just as a start.

I hope that through my journey for the next year that you guys will keep me motivated and get on my case if I don't post.

With all the above mentioned I would like to inform you guys about a recent project that I've been involved in which includes painting some minis for the Redemption of the Fallen charity army project. This army is being painted by a handful of painters around the US and will be raffled off at this years Nova. Currently I'm working on the Dark Angels chapter master Azrael. I will post up some work in progress pics as soon as I get some pictures.

Last but not least it feels good to be back blogging. Thanks John for motivating me to get back into blogging.

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Drathmere said...

Welcome back Mike! I can't wait to see regular painting posts from you. I think studying them will help my painting. It was really fun having GD winners come up and recognize you. As the guy who took gold said "You have the best reds in the world!"

This is going to be fun!