Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Painting Power Weapons

So a couple of days ago someone asked me if I could do a tutorial on how I do my blue power weapons. Well I guess it could be any color but I tend to do blue because it "pops" to the viewers eye very easily. Plus the fact that blue is easier to paint and blend together.

Here are the steps that I used:


Base coated Enchanted Blue.

First highlight and shadow. Highlight: Base color + Teclis Blue. Shadow: Base Color + Regal Blue.

(Sorry I missed a step here) Highlight: Teclis Blue + Ice Blue. Shadow: Regal Blue + Abaddon Black (ran out of Midnight Blue but sometimes I find it easier to do this step with the paints used rather than using Midnight Blue).

Highlight: Ice Blue + a hint of Skull White. Shadow: Regal Blue + Abaddon Black (a bit more black in this stage than last to make it slightly darker)

Highlight: Skull White just on the edges. Shadow: Abaddon Black for creating darkest area. 

Before the Skull White edge highlight I sometimes like to go over the entire area with a very diluted Regal Blue/Black mix to unify the piece leaving no hard edges, but soft transitions between the stages. Afterwards I do the final stage shadow and highlight.

Hope you guys enjoy and happy painting!

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