Thursday, July 26, 2012

Games Day Chicago 2012 is Here!

Well it's that time of year everyone....Games Day! I will be flying out early Friday morning with my buddy Jawaballs. Unfortunately our other friend Fritz will not be flying with us this year, BUT he will be driving there (along with his wife). Total dedication man! Gotta hand it to Fritz for driving, I would never....flying is so much easier :)

So for this year, I will not be submitting anything into the Golden Demon competition as I have been way too busy this past year with a new born and family deaths and all. It's sad that I will not be competing, but I will scout out the competition for next year. Good luck to all those that do enter! I'm sure alot of the pieces will inspire me to step up my game and enter next year.

Even though I will not be participating in the Golden Demons competition this year, I will be participating in the speed painting, build and take, and all the other great stuff Games Day has to offer (Yes even the wonderfully super long ForgeWorld line). Also will be supporting Jawa and his awesome banner! You guys thought that the banners from the past were good, wait till you see this one!

I'm also interested in seeing the costumes this year...always a great group of people putting their heart and soul into their costumes. A few are not so great, a bunch are amazing, and sometimes we something just jaw dropping. Wonder what it'll be this year. Not to mention the awesome 'Hot Chick' costume....always one or two of them walking around at Games Day. They should have a category for 'smoking hot chick in costume'...I bet all us guys would be whistling and shouting like crazy LOL.

Let's see, what else....OH...there is always the great time afterwards hanging out with friends I haven't seen in over a year. I'm sure we'll grab a beer and an awesome steak and have some good old times laughing as usual.

Well, I'll post up some pics and vids of the the event when I get back. If you're there, just look for the HUGE Ultramarines banner that Jawa is entering and I'm sure to be hanging around him :)

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