Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Games Day 2012 Weekend

Well it has come and it has gone...the one weekend that we all have anticipated and looked forward to. What can I say about Games Day this year...it was so-so. Alright fine, it kind of sucked (I'll explain later)! But before I get into all that about the actual convention, let me start from the beginning.

Pre Games Day (Friday):
I headed down to Chicago with my friend Jawaballs. He picked me up to leave for the airport at 5am on Friday morning. We got on the plane for the ride down and two things that we'll remember. 1) there was a smoking hot chick sitting pretty much right next to us. All we could think about was Slaanesh and it's wonders....Jawa almost converted from a loyalist to the thoughts and wonders that could be if he just took one step closer to her LOL!  2) One other girl on the flight was a first round 'American Idol' contest that got the golden ticket and moved onto the next round. Thought that was pretty awesome. Jawaballs even got a picture with her.

So we landed super early and couldn't check in to our hotel as it was only like 9am and the hotel check in was like 2 or 3pm. So Jawaballs and I walked around a bit and grabbed some breakfast and came back to the hotel. Luckily we ran into a different person working the front desk and they got us in early...SCORE!  Once we got into the room, we had to wait up on our other buddy, Fritz. During this time, Jawa and I came up with an army list for myself and the new army I'm planning on doing. As some of you may know, I've been out of this blogging thing for a while now and to kick start things and to motivate me, I plan on doing an army and keeping you all updated. Who knows, I might even try to go to Adepticon and compete :)  (big maybe) Anyways, for those of you that know, Jawa is planning on doing his next marine chapter as the Lamenters. So I decided I will pick an army from the same war and decided to do....(big drumroll).... MANTIS WARRIORS!!! So be on the lookout on my blog to see updates.

Later that evening we met up with Fritz (who drove with his wife this year) and headed down to the Chicago bunker. My first impression of the place kind of made me gag to be honest. When I think bunker, I think of a place where no other store can match. Many many amazing looking tables, showcases full of gorgeous painted armies, posters hanging on the walls, maybe even a golden throne or something. Maybe it was just my imagination running wild as to what it could have been, but the actual bunker looked kind of cheap. By that I mean it was no more impressive than a local non-GW hobby shop back where I live. Either way we came, we played, we left.

During our stay at the bunker, Jawa and Fritz got into a game as nobody else seemed to be available. Everyone was playing 3v3 or 1v1. So Fritz and Jawa got into a pretty epic game. The game seemed very one sided in the beginning with Jawa seeming like he was going to steam roll over Fritz's eldar army. I walked out to Best Buy to pick up a memory card for my camera and when I got back, pretty much all of Jawa's units were destroyed. WTF?! All I could think about was 'What happened here in the last 10 minutes while I was gone?' Either way, they had a great epic battle.

We headed over to a tavern across the street for some food since we were all starving. I ended up getting a full rack of baby back ribs and OMG, they were freakin' awesome. Most definitely will go back if we are in the area. Not to mention that all the waitresses were smokin' hot. Three thumbs up.

On our way back to the hotel, we got off the exit to some toll booths. There were no freakin' toll booths with people. Only their I-Pass lanes and coin lanes. WTF....there were no signs whatsoever about coins only....and no booths with people available! The three of us scrambled to find change and we didn't have any! What the hell are we suppose to do now LOL. So Fritz gets out and starts flagging people down to get change. Funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I suppose Jawa will get the video up soon for all to see one of these days, but something we will never forget.

Enough for this entry, I'll post up pictures and another entry soon with the events of Saturday: Games Day 2012!

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