Friday, August 5, 2011

Golden Demon Entry voting and Games Day

I decided to throw up my mini's picture on CMON and wanted to see what vote score it would get. So far it's only gotten about 42 votes or so. If you'd like, please click HERE to go to the voting page and vote for my mini and score it what you think it should be.

There is just so much to go over from last weekend and I'm still kind of sorting out my pictures and wrapping my brain around the whole event. One of the cool things that I saw at GD was the video gaming stations set up. As a video gamer, it was like a dream paradise come true! There were so many Xbox and PS3 systems and high performance PC's that I almost wet myself.  The platforms were out to unveil the new Space Marine game that will be coming out on consoles next month. The line for these machines were packed, but lucky I was able to get in a few minutes of gaming on Friday night after set up.

The game is just amazing!!! And the flow from shooting to close combat attacks is so natrual feeling and allows the game to flow without any real mis-steps. You don't even have a chance to question what you should do, but all you do is react to the situation and play....this allows the user to be more combat oriented or just go gung-ho and fire away like a crazy mad man. Totally awesome to play.

Not to mention the uber cool life sized chainsword they had on display. It was planned that the chainsword was going to be given away, but I guess they changed their minds...I wouldn't want to give it away either! Makes me want to try to make one for myself to wield around. I mean who wouldn't want one of those things?

During the day, the gang and I went to do a speed demon painting competition. We had 45 minutes to paint up a model that was supplied to us and we also had to use GW standard size brushes. Oh how I love my Kolinsky and W&N Series 7 that much more!  Once the painting began, I had already planned in my head and decided that I was going to try to paint mono-tone. I was aiming at using basically one color: Codex Grey. Of course I would use Chaos Black for the shadows and blending, but with only 45 minutes to spare and not enough color choices, this was the way to win! In the end, the judges seemed to be just choosing the models that looked the most accurate to the real color scheme. Oh well, it was still fun and I had a good experience with going the mono-tone route and may visit that style of painting once again in the near future.

My mono-tone attempt

The group shot!
 After GD was over, we were pretty much exhausted and all wanted a nice onwards we went to Gibson's. It was highly recommended by alot of people so we decided to go. It was a bit pricey, but OMG the food was amazing!!!! Not to mention it was the only resturant that I've been to in my lifetime that actually served steak portions more than 20 oz.!!!! And no I didn't order anything that big, but it was definately a sight to see when others ordered huge meals. Can't wait to go back next year!


Julian McPherson said...

How is it at a 7.7!? thats an amazing model! well done!

Tim Toolen said...


We went to Gibsons the Friday before and I got the 22oz London Broil... man was that amazing!!! Was only about 27 bucks too, and it was great... now if only i had the 109 bucks for the 22 oz Lobster! :)

Was great meeting you at GD, and congrats again on the Silver :)


Jawaballs said...

I just started drooling thinking about that steak I ate. :)