Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Current WIP

So I got the opportunity to buy a Tau army from a friend and have been thinking of a color scheme to paint the army. Originally, I bought the army as part of a commission, but after discussing and (almost) finalizing the army, the client backed out....what the heck!

Well now I'm stuck with this army and don't plan on hanging on to it as it just takes up more room. So I decided that I was going to sell it, but I was going to sell it painted. This would at least draw more people to look at it and it would be a done army that I can focus on for awhile to post up on blogger as well. By no means am I painting this army at a Golden Demon quality, but above table top gaming quality.

So far, I've base coated and did the cloth for 6 Fire Warriors and I've blended the Shas'Ui a bit more to give it some highlights. Just need to do some shading on him and pick out some details. I've decided that I was going to do all the metal work in NMM. First off, this would make the army pretty cool looking, but secondly it would also allow me to work on my NMM painting. After I finish the 6 man squad, I plan on painting a 3 man Stealth Team, then a Devilfish for the Fire Warriors. Here's the progress so far (sorry about the bad pics):

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