Friday, July 1, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon: Furioso Dreadnought III

Well here is the last update before the busy weekend. I know that everyone will be busy and I know I sure will be. So far, the models have been just a pain to get through now lol. Ever feel like that. It just sucks the life right out of you. But none the less, it has been an amazing journey and I have enjoyed being a part of this awesome team.

Enough with the blabbering, onto the pics. Just a note that Dread is about 95% complete. I know you don't see the talons in there, but I'm currently WIP with them but they will be on very shortly. Also, the weathering was my first real attempt at it other than a scrap piece. So thoughts on it would be appreciated. Tips on making it better also. Thx.

Front shot of Dread

Free-hand blood drop with paint and armor chipping

Back of Dread showing some rusting on metal

Close up shot showing the weathering

Other side of Dread showing BA symbol
 That's is for now. Enjoy your 4th of July and I will try to have more updates for you next week. Off to a mini vacation now :)

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