Thursday, September 16, 2010

Battle for Salvation Raffle Army Part III

So it's been awhile since I updated the blog about the army. I've been really busy with renovating a new commercial location for my martial arts school. Renovation work really sucks cause by the time I'm out the door to start working to coming home, it ends up being a long 12 hour day of hard manual labor. Trying to sit and paint for a few minutes can be tough as I start dozing off, but I WILL finish this army for the tournament.

Anyways, back to the army. So I ended up adding a Baal Predator to the army, just need to put some tracks on it. I believe that a club member has some marines he is willing to donate, but I will finish this army as it stands before starting the other unit. There isn't actually alot of work left, just alot of detail work such as highlighting and freehand chapter markings. After that the models need to be based and then it should be finished.

Sorry for this dark pic, but on the left is the Baal Predator that I just added. You can also see the other two Rhino/Razorback vehicles and the 3 Dreadnoughts

Here are the 2 assault squads with base coat painted on.

The tactical squad all done with highlights and shadow, plus line highlight. All that is left is the freehand work and painting the minor details.

This is the assault marine test piece that I did with the highlight and shadow blending. Next step is to do line highlighting for the black and it should be done (other than details).
More to come as I find time to finish this army within the next week and a half!

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