Monday, August 23, 2010

Games Day 2010

What an event! I believe that this year was much better than last year. There just seemed to be a better vibe around the convention center this year. Games Day of course set a new North America record by having something like 3,200 people or more at the event. Lots of things to see and do, but the only thing I would have to knock on GW about is the fact that the Golden Demon competition was held upstairs seperately. They even did the presentations of awards upstairs with the exception of the slayer sword, which was won by Todd Swanson. Amazing gaming table displays, amazing paint jobs for the Golden Demon awards, fantastic club tables and most of all, awesome people and players.

I got a chance to meet with a lot of cool people. Hanging out with club members Jawaballs and Fritz as well as Brother Capt. James while they ran their meat grinder table. I got a chance to see the amazing Storm Wardens being given away to the winner and had a chance to talk with the members who were a part of that painting group. I met with and chatted with Dave Taylor and also Ron from FTW.

Overall, I had a blast again this year! I hope that I will be a part of more things to come in the future with gaming and meeting new people.

Oh, btw, super excited since I made 1st cut with such amazing painters from all over this year. I took first cut in 40K single with the Zhufor. Got alot of great compliments from the other painters and I look forward to next year.

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