Thursday, August 26, 2010

Games Day 2010 Pt. 3 - Storm Wardens Army

So in this post I just wanted to put up the beautiful Storm Wardens Army that was painted and provided by a group of awesome people. I don't know all the members that were a part of this army, but the ones that I do know I tip my cap to. Those people I have had the honor of knowing and meeting include: Dave Taylor, Jawaballs, Ron Saikowski(From The Warp), John (Santa Cruz Warhammer), Ross Watson (Fantasy Flights), John Steining, and also Jacob (the winner of the army). Sorry if I left anyone out, I just didn't remember everyone that I met.

The Painters:

Dave Taylor and Ross Watson presenting the first Deatwatch book

Santa Cruz John and Ron Saikowski

John Steining, Jawaballs, Santa Cruz John

John Steining, Jawaballs, Santa Cruz John, Ron Saikowski

And the winner: Jacob

And of course, the Storm Wardens Army (the few pics that I was able to get):

Congrats to Jacob for winning such an awesome looking army and a huge thanks to the painters for getting together and finishing what is the first of (hopefully) many other armies that will be done.
-MiCho out-

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SC John said...

Great pics and a great time.

Santa Cruz Warhammer