Saturday, August 4, 2012

Games Day 2012: Part III

Fritz meeting up with us on Friday to head down to the GW Bunker

GW Bunker

Jawaballs and Fritz getting ready to play an epic battle on the ice world!

The crowd gathers before the doors open for Games Day

Jawaballs sitting and waiting like the rest of us, a mere mortal!

Jawaballs somehow finds a way to get in early!!! 

Jawaballs and his Ultramarines banner which won the banner contest (again!)

Jawaballs speed painting

Fritz speed painting

Fritz playing a game with a fan

The outcome of speed painting! Our group rocks!

Banner Contest

Costume contest

Sister of Battle, won the costume contest

DKoK costume

28oz Jawa-steak over at Gibson's after Games Day!

Oh and btw, we went gambling after dinner and I won THIS much :)  Spent about 2 hours at a blackjack table and it paid off. This paid for all of my Forgeworld LOL. 

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joe metcalf said...

Wait, is that a rapery next to the gw bunker?! Only in Chicago