Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Pics

As promised, here are some of the updated photos I took. I cleaned off the claws coming out of the right foot and I like it much better. Makes the model look cleaner. It took forever for the force weapon, but hey it's a start. Still some more touch-ups on the weapon like power cables, etc. I decided to go with the halo over the head because it was easier and quicker than trying to sculpt and skeleton head with horns (librarian symbol). Plus i think it just looks cool :P

On the back side, I added one of the FW etched eagles to fill in the empty space. Still debating about the cape idea....not sure what do do since if I do a cape, it'll hide the eagle.

Also notice the squigly arm growing from his back >:) *evil grin!

Front view

Back view

Close-up of Sword

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